April 2016-

​Chris Farhina, Flight Engineer for NASA's SOFIA  Science Center, presented at the April meeting.

March 2016 -

Brian Brown told the harrowing story of when he crashed his 172 with wife and daughter in the snowy mountains. 

February 2016-

Maynard Nelson joined the military Feb 3, 73 years ago in 1923 in Seattle.  He became a bomber pilot in the B-24. ​


wednesday 6:00 p.m.

general meeting 

Guests are welcome.  Please bring a potluck dish to share. 

Former Vietnam pilot Larry Snow related stories about his long career in aviation from flying B-52s to F-104s and airliners.

​February 2018 - Military historian Ken Nielsen made a presentation on Aircraft Production in California during WWII.

​​​January 2018 - NASA Solar System Ambassador Tim Pinkney gave a presentation about NASA's Cassini spacecraft mission exploring Saturn for the last 13 years.

November 2017 - Retired Navy Officer Joellen Oslund related her experiences as the first woman helicopter pilot in the US Armed Forces.

October 2017 - Author Christina Olds shared stories from the career of her father, legendary US Air Force fighter pilot Robin Olds.

September 2017 - Historian Carolyn Martin shared stories from a long list of accomplished female aviators, from the achievements of individual pilots to the WASPS of WWII.  

July 2017 - AAA scholarship recipient James Jacobsen talked to us about his success in aerobatic flying and his studies at the University of North Dakota. 

June 2017 - Our June speaker Dave Grabowski moved from NYC to the West Coast to learn to pilot a trike, and then he flew it across the country, following the route taken by early aviator Cal Rodgers in 1911.

May 2017 - Sacramento Author Barry Martin presented excerpts from his book, "TheForgotten Aviator" about accomplished early commercial aviator Royal Leonard.

April 2017 - AAA member Tom Camilli gave us the inside information on gliders. (no photo)

March 2017 - The Fall of Saigon was the subject of our March presentation.  Former Ensign Tim Pinkney recounted those last few days of evacuation from his vantage point flying off an aircraft carrier in the harbor.

February 2017 - AAA President Tim Pinkney showed us photos of his first trip to Oshkosh. He conveyed to us that the scale of the event requires several days and several pairs of good walking shoes, but is worth the trip.

January 2017 - Steve Ainsworth-NASA Solar System Ambassador demonstrated by some of the science in the Matt Damon movie The Martian wasn't viable in a talk called "What's real and what's Hollywood." 

November 2016 - Former SR-71 pilot Jerry Glasser gave us a glimpse into how engineers propose commercial flight faster than the speed of sound.


October 2016 - Local pilot John Kluenker talked about life as a corporate pilot and of his love for acrobatics.

September 2016 - 

​California Capital Airshow board member Terrence McNamara gave us a preview of the upcoming October event.

August 2016 - 

Ken Dwelle detailed the Dwelle family's ten year restoration of a Hawker Sea fury formerly known as Reno air racer Critical Mass.

July 2016 - 

The same year Firefighter Chuck Smith went to Vietnam to fly helicopters, he got married.  He told us stories of both.

June 2016 - 

Aaron Williams, firefighter with the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection told us his compelling survival story of being caught in a flashover.  

May 2016-

Sacramento Metro Firefighter and helicopter pilot Montie Vanlandingham enlightened us to the workings of the program.

January 2016-

Roseville Emergency Room doctor Charley Kurlinkus told us of his life-long interest in BASE jumping and showed us some harrowing video of soaring just a few feet above the ground down a steep incline while wearing a flying suit.

November 2015-

88 year-old John Lowery was a 2nd Lt. in Korea 1952.with the 334th Fighter Squadron. For our meeting he told fascinating stories about the 46 missions he flew during the Korean War. Fifteen of his missions were engagements with Russian MiG 15s.

October 2015-  

AAA member Shawn Bickford, a United Airlines pilot.
Bickford told about his 25 years of flying the Alaskan bush.  

September 2015-

Col. Don Fulton, USAF (Ret), flew spy missions in
southeast Asia well before military troops were officially deployed.

August 2015 - 

Gerald Glasser shared stories and insights from time spent flying the world's fastest plane, the SR-71 Blackbird. (Not pictured).

July 2015 -

Guest  Oscar Bosch illustrated why we should appreciate our freedom in the United States.  He told the story of how he defected here from Cuba when he was a teenager.

June 2015 - 

Cal Fire Helicopter Program Manager and Vietnam war veteran, Barry Lloyd, discussed the state's aviation program and we heard how brave aviators work hard to protect our lives and property. Lloyd also discussed the department's efforts and successes in keeping the fleet well maintained and ready for air operations 24/7. 

May 2015 -

"Germany invaded Norway in 1940 and used troop-carrying aircraft  support the conquest. Our speaker, Nancy Thyme, in her presentation "Planes below the Ice" told how a formation of 13 Junkers Ju 52s (or "Auntie Jus") tri motor aircraft landed on Hartvikvann Lake near Narvik in Norway in 1940 and sank to the bottom of the lake when the ice


April 2015 -

Pilots Aaron Zeff and Ron Gilindo told us of how they shadowed the 2015 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome with their two single engine aircraft.

March 2015 - 

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Richard Stultz, USAF (Ret)wais featured at our March 4th meeting.  Colonel Stultz logged 5,500 hours in fighter jets, including 100 missions over North Vietnam with the legendary F-4 "Phantom" Triple Nickel Fighter Squadron and frequently exceeded Mach 2 in the F-106  "Delta Dart".  Stultz is not just a revered USAF war hero… he is an accomplished businessman and is well known in aviation circles as a gifted multi-medium artist.  

February 2015 - 
Noall Bybee, Bronze Star recipient and C-47 crew chief presented first hand accounts and photos of flying missions in Europe and Asia during World War II.    

November 2014 - Pilot and sculptor Doug Van Howd gave a talk on his history and his many art-inspiring trips to Africa.  Van Howd created the Col. "Bud" Anderson tribute statue installed at the airport next to Wings restaurant. 

January 2014 - Pictured with wife Barbara Ann, speaker Larry Hardy is retired from 53 years marketing propulsion and subsystems for aerospace companies. His presentation covers the Wright Brothers’ keys to success, hot air ballooning, and his father’s career at Waco Aircraft company in Ohio.

December 2013 - AAA Secretary Bonnie Wilson and sixteen friends comprise the handbell choir from Pioneer Baptist Church. They entertained us at the December meeting.

November 2013 - Former Air Force, commercial and air race pilot Ken Dwelle explained to us about chaff, flares and jammers in the F-16 and wobbling in the F-117A at the very slow speed of 190 knots.

October 2013 - Special reserve deputy Al Trimarchi presented in October.  He trains dogs to retrieve weapons, working with regional and local law enforcement offices. (not pictured)


August 2013 - Auburn Journal editor Dennis Noone was our speaker. (not pictured)

July 2013 - Former Navy pilot Richard Kaufman was an AD Skyraider pilot on an aircraft carrier off the coast of Korea. His involvement in the bombing of the bridges of Tokyo Ri was included in James Michener's book of the same name.  Kaufman and Michener were friends a the University of Texas.


June 2013 - Mike Thompson, retired from the CHP, revisited his recent tour of Southeast Asia.  Thompson had been stationed  with the 8th Tactical Fighter Wing at Ubon RTAFB in 1968-9 and went back to visit in 2012.

May 2013 - Casey Long, Airventures Alaska pilot/guide

and one of our members told us how
his company provides air taxi,
guided fly fishing, rafting, wildlife tours,
wilderness trips along with
other Alaska adventures.


April 2013 - U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Tom Yeager,

active duty at Beale Air Force Base, joined
us in April and gave a presentation about
his career, including deployments to Iraq
and Afghanistan, and his duties coordinating
Air Force One for the president.


March 2013 - Auburn resident Rob Horvath, a
major in the Army National
Guard, opened our eyes on the present threat

terrorism nearby.  Homeland Security was his



February 2013 - Retired Rear Admiral

and physician Bonnie Potter shared

her experiences aboard a Navy hospital

ship at the February meeting.


January 2013 - Ted Robinson gave a first-hand

account of one of his harrowing war-time

experiences in WWII.